The Matrix Revealed


>Human Transcendence

Transcendence is I suppose you could call it, the destiny of consciousness of being human. However, there are some people, okay, lots of people who are part of the transhuman movement that take this to levels that are far removed from what would be considered normal. These people believe that we as humans, can rise above what we were given by God and thus become a form of gods ourself. This is an age old concept put forth by none other than Lucifer when he spoke to Eve in the Garden of Eden. He also promised her that by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge she would become as God herself.

Of course this was a lie and still is a lie, but now we have a new twist on it, we have all of this technology that can enhance us to the point of rising above the restrictions put upon the human race by the creator Himself. These people are so deceived that I can't even begin to tell you how their minds work. This is all a deception, but certain people are willing to risk life and limb to obtain a higher degree of mental understanding and Oneness. I wonder if they ever thought of just Repenting and coming to God through Christ Jesus. This is the only way to obtain what they are striving for, but they seem to think that they can traverse God's judgement and live forever by transcending their mortal being.

As Christians we achieve a certain level of transcendence through faith in God and in our Lord Christ Jesus. However, this is a totally different version of what these people are attempting to do with the aid of transhumanism and merging with machines. What they are attempting is synthetic transcendence and will not yield them what they are looking for. They will soon find that there is only one way to achieve a true transcendence and that is through Christ Jesus. But most of these people are evolutionists and do not believe in a higher power and think that this is just the next phase in human evolution. This could not be further from the truth, and unfortunately they will find out in time, but by then it will be too late to reverse the damage.

The timeless human desire to be more beautiful, intelligent, healthy, athletic, or young has given rise in our time to technologies of human enhancement. Athletes use drugs to increase their strength or stamina; cosmetic surgery is widely used to improve physical appearance; millions of men take drugs like Viagra to enhance sexual performance. And today researchers are exploring technologies such as cell regeneration and implantable devices that interact directly with the brain.

Some condemn these developments as a new kind of cheating—not just in sports but in life itself—promising rewards without effort and depriving us most of all of what it means to be authentic human beings. "Transhumanists," on the other hand, reject what they see as a rationalizing of human limits, as if being human means being content forever with underachieving bodies and brains. To be human, they insist, is to be restless with possibilities, always eager to transcend biological limits.

All I know for sure from my own standpoint on this subject is that these people are simply diving off the deep end in order to obtain something that does not belong to them. If God wanted us to have these enhancements He would have given them to us at the very beginning. It is Lucifer who made this promises and who cannot deliver on them, yet these nuts will continue down this dark path without even giving any consideration to the implications it will have on humanity as a whole.

They have been blinded by the one and only true deceiver, the father of lies, Lucifer himself.

Transcendence, What Is Actually Happening

If you are unfamiliar with what is transpiring in the world today on this topic this video might be a bit shocking to you. We are shown what is generally being put forth as normal in todays day and age. I tell you folks there is something to be said for the term Mad Scientists. This was a term which was associated with Hollywood and some form of a "B" movie some years ago. I would have never thought that I would some day be using this term when referring to scientists in the real world. But when you see what they are developing and how people are just soooo excited at all the possibilities of this new tech, it should give you reason for pause. I myself cannot understand how people have gotten so far removed from normality, or what I would consider normality and have just accepted all of this as the new norm. I for one can understand the programming of the masses, but for goodness sake can not anybody see this for what it is.? What has happened to humanity.???

A.I. Lucifer's Vessel Can You Hear me now.?

Here again we see how the mainstream uses brainwashing techniques in the attempt to sway the masses with promises of great advances in technology that will help the world in many ways. This is nothing but propaganda, but do you think the masses see it for what it is.? Over the course of decades we have slowly been programmed to accept technology because it seems to make our lives more convenient, but this is all by design. They move extremely slowly and do not make big changes that would alarm anybody. They give us just enough to enable them to slowly advance their technology on us without raising concern, all the while calling it progress. They now have the general public so very dumbed down that introducing Transhumanism and A.I Technology has not so much as even caused a ripple within the vast majority of the population. It is unfortunate that we are so easily swayed and so easily programmed into believing these lies without questioning anything that is pushed onto us in the name of progress.