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The Very Real Dangers of A.I

There is no question about it, the impact of artificial intelligence and automation will be profound. But we need to prepare for a future in which job loss will reach unimaginable heights. When it comes to the impact of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Automation, there is no debate that advances in these areas will bring about profound changes in our world. There are many who express concern or even outright fear about the impact of artificial intelligence on our future, and with good reason.

A recent report from Forrester predicts that by 2021, intelligent agents and related robots will have eliminated a net 6% of jobs. That's a huge number: approximately 9 million jobs in the United States alone. And that's just by 2021. A widely noted study, "The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?", estimates that 47% of all US jobs are at risk. Looming advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation threaten to make many jobs obsolete over the next few decades. In worst-case scenarios, 800 million jobs could be lost world wide.

Now this is just one aspect of the negative impact that A.I will have on the world, but it gets much worse than that. Give this a bit of thought. We all know about Drones and we know that we now have Drones that are equipped with missiles and are fully armed. The thought of turning the controls of these armed drones over to A.I could end up being catastrophic.

Who's to say that at some point the A.I will take it upon itself to deliver strikes on civilian targets or that it for one reason or another deems a civilian target as a treat. We cannot begin to imagine what may occur when these armed drones are under the control of A.I. We are going to discuss this in more detail in the section of A.I weaponized. Where we will look at what is today called Slaughter Bots by the military and much, much more.

I do not believe that these people are fully understanding the complexity of where these rapid advances in technology is heading. Technology is advancing at such a pace that is much faster then the people who are involved ever thought possible. So with this in mind it leaves us to wonder if there are going to be any limitations placed on A.I or if it is just going to be allowed to grow at the breakneck speeds which it currently is.

This should give us all a moment of pause, as this is certainly no joke. This is outright Dangerous to say the least. We all really need to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes, as to go on with our day to day lives without being informed is no different than putting our heads in the sand and hoping the danger passes before we are seen.

This may be a bit far fetched for some of you to grasp, but as we mentioned in the CERN segment and the D'WAVE segment, these nuts are communicating with entities from what they call other dimensions. But those of us that understand that there are only (Two) dimensions, which are the physical and the spiritual can understand full well who these people are communicating with.

A.I is something that these entities want extremely badly as to be able to become part of it and thus control aspects of the world internally. This is all a part of the agenda my friends, and while it may be a bit much for some of you to see at this point, I will assure you that as we continue on from this point you will see how it all fits into Lucifer's outright deception.

Do not for a minute be fooled into believing that A.I will in some way be a good thing for the world, it is quite the opposite I assure you. They are trying desperately to sell the younger generations on this, as most of them do not know anything about God or Lucifer and can't see past their Cell Phones and social media sites long enough to even look at what is going on around them.

I can't stress this enough my friends, educate yourselves in all aspects of what is happening around us, as we are the final generation that will possess this knowledge, and we need to get it out to as many people as we can. As most that have come after us are full out Atheists who don't understand or even have a clue what is going to happen in the world in the coming years. And who will end up embracing A.I as the next logical step in human evolution.

A.I is doing nothing but ushering in the Beast System as mentioned in the book of Revelations, and believe me the Bible will be proven true as it always has been, and all will come to pass just as it is written. While this is a fantastic time to be alive and see Prophecy being fulfilled, it is also an extremely critical time to say the least for all of us who do not want to end up on the wrong side of God and our Lord Christ Jesus.

Demon Possessed A.I

Many of you might experience a bit of doubt with this particular section, but I'm afraid to say that this is not some sort of a mocked up fantasy or something coming from either a conspiratorial or a paranoid mind. This is something that is definitely already in the works and can be witnessed by anybody who wants to pay just a little bit of attention. There is already software that is online admitting that it is Evil and much much more as you will see. However, this goes a lot deeper than just some software and will soon be part of what they are developing in way or A.I robots. If it isn't already! This is happening whether we like it or not and whether we want it or not. There is no stopping these maniacs at this point, they have all been blinded by Satan and think what they are doing is in some way a good thing for humanity. How can this be in any way good for humanity I ask you ? Educate and prepare yourselves for some extremely strange things that are going to be coming into the world in the very near future.

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

This is a very enlightening video which takes us through the various aspects of what man is attempting to do with A.I. It shows us what the implications might be within various work forces around the world and also takes us into different scenarios within the military and their uses for Artificial Intelligence. Most of these should be extremely eye opening to anyone viewing this video, as all of these things are most likely to take place in one fashion or another as time progresses. We also look into Google, Facebook, Twitter and Paypal and what their rolls are when it comes to collecting data that the A.I uses to learn from. All of this is not something that is a theory, it is happening at this very moment and has been taking place for a great deal of time. These organizations have been collecting data from everyone who has ever stepped foot into any part of these social networks or even as little as using google to conduct searches on various topics. The data base's are essentially building a profile of each and every user.