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Artificial Intelligence - Is This Progress or Inevitable Suicide ?

This is the question we face when we discuss man making machines that mimic us and or are able to do the things that we do just as good or better then we do. If this was the only question we had to answer it might come easy, but there are so many things that come along with A.I that a generic question such as the title states does not do it justice.

When we look at any new technology it seems that in a fraction of time all major companies are trying to jump on the band wagon as they see that there might be a profit to be made. Nobody seems to take any of the dangers into consideration. It's just, lets get involved so that we can quickly be turning a profit; as this is what the world has become. A materialistic money hungry and greed riddled society.

I'm sorry to seem so cynical about the world in general but we are definitely living in the end times, and if we can try to understand where we are heading and why we are heading in the direction we are, we can better understand why things are transpiring in the fashion that they are.

We have institutions such as CERN, which we discussed in a previous segment, who are communicating with entities from other dimensions. But, already know that there are only two dimensions our physical dimension and the spiritual dimension, so we are quite aware of who and what they are communicating with.

The Bible clearly spells it out for us, that in the time of the end we would be facing things that are not of this physical realm in which we exist. Ephesians 6:12 states: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".

We must also look at other scripture that gives us an idea of what we are going to be facing when this whole agenda that is being put into place by the forces that be is completed and the final products are set loose. In the book of Luke we are given a rendition of what the world will face in the times of the end. Luke 21:26 states: "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken".

Now, I don't know about you, but as for myself this is a picture that is quite vivid and to the point. Which brings us back to what the forces that be are trying to do with Artificial Intelligence. Do we think for one moment that this is something that is just going to go on in the background and not in any way effect us ? I would urge anyone who has taken the time to read this to just stop for a moment and think about what these maniacs are doing. What is the benefit to us as a people to have this technology ? What does it offer you and I ?

For one thing, experts are saying that they believe that in a very short time span most companies will get rid of their staff and replace the majority of day to day functions within companies with machine's who will do the job faster, better and cheaper. They predict that as much as half of the current work force could be replaced in a very short amount of time. We have to remember that the company owners do not care about you and I, all they care about in this day and age is turning a profit, as Greed has taken over in most instances.

Not only do we have to worry about the fore mentioned result of the concept of A.I but there are far more worrisome parts of artificial intelligence that need to be looked at. Namely the Weaponization of A.I by the Military, and believe me when I say, they are wasting no time in getting this part of the agenda going. They are already creating things that cannot even be imagined, that will as they say, change warfare dramatically. Why is it always about conquest in the name of freedom or human rights, or freeing a nation based on an agenda that the people of that country know nothing about ? We need not dig to deep to see that certain countries have been in one war after another for decades all in the name of freedom.

But it does not stop there, it gets even worse, as there are people who everyone likes to call "The Elites" of the world, who are looking at A.I as a way to bypass any type of judgement by God and instead have their consciousness uploaded into an A.I body and hence have immortality. These people are totally delusional, but will stop at nothing to get this agenda carried out and they have said that if anybody stands in their way there will be big problems, which you will see within one of the video's in this segment.

All that can be said at this point is the deeper we go into the rabbit hole the crazier it gets, but we are just getting into the final phases of the introduction level of this entire site. Once we start diving into the fallen angels, the occult and the end days the picture will become abundantly clear as to who and what is fueling this entire agenda, and believe me it will be shocking to most of you.