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A.I Weapons, The Horror Coming To Mankind

While there are a lot of sections within this site that I would consider to be disturbing, this section could perhaps be the most unnerving. It certainly seems to have struck a nerve with me anyway. I thought that the transhuman agenda was pretty horrific, but this just surpassed transhumanism by quite some distance. While I understand that some of the warmonger types in the higher up places of government and military think that totally autonomous weapon systems are exactly what is needed as they would no longer would have to get their hands dirty when going after the so called enemy. But just who is the enemy in this day and age to them.?

Judging from what types of weapons they are creating it would seem that anybody who does not conform to their ideas of how the world should be and where it should go from this point, is potentially an enemy. This sounds a bit far fetched I grant you, but knowing the powers that are behind this entire New World Order, the Internet of Things and the whole A.I agenda including the Transhumanism Idiocy, it is not hard to see that it really isn't as far fetched as one might think.

When we look at the, dare I say it.. Progress (I hate calling it that) in weapons manufacturing in the last few years it is staggering to see what they are coming up with. Perhaps the biggest threats to mankind are the smallest of weapons. I am referring to the weapons called "Slaughter Bots". This weapon is extremely disturbing to say the least. Oh, I'm sure that there are many out there that think this is the coolest thing, but what they are failing to realize is these Bots can be used on anyone at any time.

We have to remember Control is Power and that is the entire basis behind the New World Order. They simply want control over everything and everybody, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Humanity will end up being nothing more than a worker class slave. Argue with it or stand up against the system and well, I will just leave the film below to make my point for me.

As I mentioned numerous times before here folks, this is an AGENDA. I understand that most will say, ahh man this is totally off the rails, they would never do anything like that. Really ??? I beg to differ, as if by now we cannot see how much control the governments of the world have and how with each passing day, our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us, then I would suggest putting the damn cell phone down for a minute and looking around.!!!

We have to keep one particular thing in mind when considering these new weapon systems they are designing. Since the dawn of time and up through the various conflicts that have occured in the past century the military industrial complex has gained more and more power. So much so that in these days it is staggering to even consider the amount of people they employ or the vast amounts of subsidiary corporations working for the military industrial complex who's soul purpose is weapons manufacturing in whole or in part.

What took the world out of the great depression was "War", if it had not been for conflicts occuring and the need for weapons manufacturing during world war II the world would have not escaped the depression it was in at that time. So what followed..??? More conflicts and more war. In fact the United States (now get this) Since it's birth as a Nation has been in some kind of a conflict for 222 years out of it's total or 239 years. It has only been at total peace for 21 years since it's birth as a Nation and this has done nothing but escalate in the past 75 years or so, Why.??? There is big money in War.

So as we can see from history the chances of this ever stopping is remote to say the least and with technology constantly advancing it is needless to say that crazier and crazier weapons will be developed. This is a scarey thought my friends, as I wonder how long it will take before there just aren't any more foreign lands to conquer and all of these newly designed weapons are turned into a control system for domestic use by the elites. And meanwhile countries have been doing everything in their power to disarm their citizens... All in the name of safety... However, if we take a look back through history at nations that have disarmed their citizens a much differnt picture is painted in the final outcome.

A.I., Energy Weapons and Slaughterbot

So, as mentioned above this video shows us a most disturbing realization of what these A.I weapon systems are capable of. Keep in mind that we do believe that this is a mock site with a mock video portraying these bots. However a great deal of money has gone into this so called mock-up. We can only come to one conclusion when viewing something that is called a mock that costs virtually millions to produce. It's NOT a mock-up at all, but actually showing us what is available. Our best guess as to why they would make such a propaganda film in the first place is to see the reaction it has on the general public. We have to keep in mind that they have the entire social media network wired and watch everything and everyone at all times. So if this video doesn't get a totally negative response it will be considered a win and they will carry on with their agenda, and will know that the public is dumbed down enough that they can do virtually anything and it will be accepted. It is I'm afraid to say... Sad But True.!!!