The Matrix Revealed


The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This Revolution is far removed from what we have seen in the past when we look at the previous Industrial Revolutions over history. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is all surrounded by computers and A.I technology. When experts look at this Revolution all they can see is productivity and turning a profit.

This should not surprise us in any way as the world has gotten so very materialistic that nobody stops long enough to look at the dangers or consequences of their actions. They are moving forward at break neck speeds to develop A.I without taking time for testing these algorithms they are developing and installing into these systems.

On many occasions these people do not even have any idea how these algorithms even work, or how they come to the conclusions that they do when they make decisions. We will look at some of these machine that make decisions on their own and not by any human input, which baffles the designers, as there was no programming included into the original software to allow for this type of decision making.

Even the likes of DARPA while they want to include A.I into aircraft and other forms of the military weapons systems in order to make decisions on targeting of potential enemies and strategic weapon strike system, they themselves have no idea how A.I comes to the decisions that it does. This alone should be concerning to anybody and everybody, as these machines seem to take on a mind of their own and somehow start to make decisions without any external input.

Elon Musk, while in an interview had this to say when asked about A.I "With A.I we are essentially Summoning the Beast". Yet with this in mind he is moving ahead with a program called Neuralink a venture to merge the human brain with A.I... Now, I don't know about you but this is something I would consider to be foolhardy to put it mildly. They already have a massive problem with the fact that they don't have any idea how these machines seem to be developing on their own and now they want to subject human brains to this vastly unknown form of intelligence..?? We can only speculate as to what is driving these machines to be able to come to the decisions that they do, but for those of us that have been watching the events of the past few decades, and who are aware that higher and darker powers are at work within our physical realm, have no problem determining what is driving A.I...

The people that are developing A.I have no idea what they are bringing into this world, and have no idea what is going to happen when A.I, The Smart Grid and 5G are all brought online. This will link the entire world and most all devices that are in everyday use today to A.I. I wonder if anybody can see where this is all heading. We are essentially going to be transferring all control that we currently have over to a machine that makes decisions based on something nobody understands.

If we stop right there and give this some serious thought, exactly how stupid would the average person think this move is.? While the people who are designing all of this cannot see past their inventions and are blinded by their progress and are not stopping long enough to even give consideration to the dangers they are about to unleash onto the world.

Now if this is not bad enough they are not stopping there. All of the segments we have been looking at throughout this site are all connected as we will see as we continue throughout the final sections. We are going to see where this is all heading, and believe me, where it's going is not somewhere that is going to be pretty for any of us. We have no say in what they are attempting to accomplish and there do not seem to be any types of regulations set in place to govern what these maniacs are doing. So with all of this in mind I guess we will just have to sit back and watch as they experiment with things that they do not understand and see where is all leads. What a thought....

We're Already in DEEP War with AI

A.I is already at the point of making decisions on it's own without any input from it's designers. This has been baffling the developers who cannot figure out how A.I is doing it. Well if they would just stop for a minute and think; how did we ever figure all of this out in the first place? they may come to the conclusion that they don't understand what they are doing because the design for these machines were not originally mans in the first place. This technology has been taught to certain individuals through dark spiritual forces. I know this may sound completely crazy to most of you, but this is something that has been foretold and is nothing more than an extension of a plan that has been in place for thousands of years. They are now coming out and saying; It was Ancient Aliens who had advanced technology and who were here thousands of years ago. Well they are sort of right, but it wasn't ancient aliens at all it was instead the fallen angels who have been hard at work doing the work of Lucifer.

We Have Never Seen Anything like This...

So after viewing the last two sections, I think it is important to take a quick look at where our world is today. Many of us only see about half of what is actually going on in our world. This is because the media who is owned by the elites are told to only give us little tidbits of truth from time to time. When we take a close look at the state of the world in which we live we can start to see how it is actually unraveling at the seams. The funny thing is that to most people, everything seems perfectly normal. I just don't get it... Unless I am seeing the world differently than are most people, but to be bold enough to use a term such as "Normal" is total absurdity. We have to pay close attention to what is transpiring around us folks, as this is heading Nowhere Good in a hurry, that much is certain. As you continue through this site you will begin to see the key players in all of this and how all of the lies we see, fit neatly together in a package. But as for the worlds state, what can I say. We are being led directly to the slaughter, by the maniacs in charge.