The Matrix Revealed


Opening Portals To Alternate Dimensions

As we mentioned in the forward to this segment it would seem that at CERN they are indeed trying to Rip or Tear the Veil which separates our physical world from the spiritual world. This Veil was put in place by God to keep these two realms separate from one another for good reason. However, it would seem that at CERN this is of little to no consequence to them. Forward they go with no idea of what they are going to open or what they are going to let in. They cannot seem to stop long enough to even consider the possible ramifications of their actions.

While some allege that CERN is trying to open a Stargate, a Stargate may be the least of our worries. Some feel that during their experiments, in searching for extra dimensions, CERN may open the "wrong door". Which is the right door ? which is the wrong door ? Some people are concerned that as the power of the Large Hadron Collider grows so does the risk associated with opening these so called doorways to alternate dimensions. While CERN is seeking the secrets to the universe or creation itself they may be playing with something that was put in place to keep certain things away from our so called realm.

Some things were put in place by God and are to be left where they are and not messed with. Which can only lead one to speculate as to who or what is guiding CERN in these endeavors. We can only speculate, but I think we have a pretty good idea where their instructions are coming from. Things seem to have changed dramatically when they hooked up the DWave Quantum Computer to CERN. The Quantum Computer seems to have the ability to communicate with alternate dimensions. We will cover this in detail in our segment devoted to the Dwave and it's abilities. But since this has been incorporated into CERN we have seen quite a shift in prospective within CERN itself.

When we look at the Gotthard Tunnel ritual that was performed we can see that there seems to be dark forces at work indeed. I mean, who would come up with such a disturbing display for an opening of a tunnel ? This is nothing short of satanic right down to its very core. So are there forces at work within CERN that are something not of this realm ? Lets put it like this, it certainly would not take someone of great knowledge to come to this determination after watching the event mentioned.

So are they trying to open portals ? I think they are not only trying to open them, but I feel they already have opened these portals and are continuing to either hold them open or opening others. Do we think that there are entities that are coming through these said portals ? Yes indeed, we do believe that there are dark forces which have entered into our realm through these portals, but then what are their intentions ?

We will leave this to explain itself throughout the videos below, and we will hear what the DWave is communicating with right from the founders mouth himself in the DWave section. So I urge anyone who has gotten this far into our site to keep on learning as we are just getting to the meat and potatoes of this whole agenda.

I am just going to stick a little something into the closing of this introduction that might catch a few off guard, but I am going to put it out there anyway. Lately we have been hearing about more and more so called UFO sightings. We have also been hearing about the Government getting ready for what they like to call Full Disclosure on the topic. We cannot begin to explain how all of the goings on at CERN and this recent coming out of the Governments of the world neatly tie in together. We are going to see something.!!! That much is for sure. But what we are going to witness is NOT what they are going to make it out to be, in fact it is going to be nothing more than an elaborate illusion. But to those that are not informed it will appear to be very real indeed.

So buckle up, as this is just starting to get really interesting, and we promise that it will get a lot more interesting as well as bizarre, as we make our way through this rather deep and extensive Rabbit Hole stepped into.

CERN Portals and the Anti-matter agenda

We are going to try and break down what CERN is doing and how they are moving forward with this agenda. Now, I'm not sure if anybody is familiar with the term Anti-Matter, and while you have probably heard this term used in sci-fi movies throughout your life, there is a lot more to it then just being a destructive force. What CERN is doing is extracting Anti-Matter from absolutely nowhere, yes you heard that right. They are pulling this element out of what would seem to be what they are referring to as an Alternate Dimension or Alternate Universe. We have to look at it like this, everything is made up of positive and negative forces, usually an equal amount of each, thus having balance. By CERN extracting this Anti-Matter they are hence throwing the natural balance off and causing a wide array of weird things to happen. While we are not going to dive too deeply into this, we are going to at least scratch the surface in order for you to get an idea of what we are describing.

CERN the Opening of the Abyss

This should be a real eye opener for most of you that are not aware of CERN or what this technology is capable of, let alone what they are doing with it. First of all (This being a personal thought) This machine is so complex that I really don't believe that mankind built it by themselves. I firmly believe that they were aided by spiritual forces in the construction of this monstrosity. In various different articles they admit that while they have a good working knowledge of the collider they do not know how it does what it does. Well to me that statement clearly indicates that, how could they know how it does what it does, as they did not design it. This entire ordeal is leading us directly into the book of Revelation my Friends. There is no way around this. They are attempting to tear the veil that is between earth and the spiritual realm and in doing so will cause entities to manifest themselves on the earth. This is perhaps why in the book of Luke chapter 21 verse 26 it says; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Interview With Anthony Patch about CERN!

L.A Marzulli given us a brief rundown on CERN and some of the strange if not bizarre rituals that are conducted at and around CERN prior to conducting an interview with Anthony Patch. Anthony is one, if not the foremost investigator of CERN and the occult activities surrounding CERN and how CERN greatly resembles The Tower of Babel in it's fundamental operations. This being that just as The Tower of Babel they were attempting build a Structure to reach into heaven, CERN by it's own admission is trying to open a portal into an alternate dimension. Being that I am of the firm belief that there are only 2 dimensions and those being the physical realm also the spiritual realm. There is no other so called dimensions as they would have you think, such as alternate realities and alternate worlds where aliens are residing and other such nonsense. However, all this alternate dimensional talk has put one thing in play and that being, it has opened the doorway for them to produce a false flag with the so called Alien Disclosure that has recently been talked about in great detail in the mainstream media.

The Arch of Ba'al Being Erected In Strategic Locations

A 50-foot replica of the Arch forming the entrance to what was the Temple of Baal was installed in New York, London, Dubai and many other places around the world and one is slated to be installed at CERN. In ancient Palmyra, the Arch of Triumph connected the main street of the Colonnade with the Temple of Bel or Ba'al. And of course "Bel" and "Ba'al" are synonymous, and both titles can be traced all the way back to Ancient Babylon and a very evil ruler named Nimrod. It has been said that if we do not understand history we are doomed to repeat it. Nimrod's world government in ancient times attempted to push God out of the picture, and the same thing is true with the globalists of today. But how can we be expected to learn from history when what we are taught does not even remotely reflect actual history.?