The Matrix Revealed


The Awake Project

Firstly, AWAKE – Advanced Wakefield Experiment is a linear accelerator – a 30 meter machine with a 10 meter chamber of plasma for acceleration – as opposed to the 17 mile ring we were introduced to in the LHC. Secondly, AWAKE uses highly charged plasma to accelerate particles as opposed to the radio frequency method incorporated into the main LHC ring.

In a nutshell, the Wakefield accelerator will greatly increase the mass of the protons, the power of the Wakefield accelerator is about a thousand times that of the LHC, which will most likely create an extremely powerful reaction as the matter passes through the Wakefield Accelerator.

This is possibly how they intend to "open the portal" to the other dimension or other side of the veil (However, I have not seen this outwardly admitted yet) which is what they are trying to do in reality. They are currently accelerating lead ion particles at CERN in preparation for the first test of the Wakefield Accelerator, although their front story is that they are researching how matter came into being at the "Big Bang" but that is a total farce cover story, So too is their story about "Dark Matter" a big farce, what they are calling "Dark Matter" is actually plasma, and they say that plasma is what actually fills the void in space (if you can believe that) and also happens to be highly electrically charged and is what provides the ideal environment for the Birkeland Currents to form.

This is what the "powers that should not be" also know to be true and this is the real reason they are accelerating ion particles and smashing them together at near "light speed". They are trying to discover the correct formula for ion particle collisions, ion particle types, and collision speeds necessary to open an inter-dimensional portal.

You have to understand their theology to understand why they want to open this portal so badly. The nuts in charge believe that Satan liberated Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden because they were being held against their will by God as his slaves, and it was because God told them not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil so he could keep then captive and exploit them by keeping them uninformed. It takes a really messed up mind to come to this sort of conclusion of the reason Satan did what he did in the Garden of Eden. First of all Satan is true and pure evil and hates the human race with a passion. These people are under the illusion that he (Satan) is in some way misunderstood and that he only means well and is trying to help the human race gain freedom from an otherwise slave existence. Really ?

This is so totally messed up that I cannot even begin to describe my thoughts on this line of thinking. Be it as it may, there is some really screwed up stuff going on at CERN, and even more so there are totally screwed up people at the top pulling the strings. I will leave the rest to you the viewer to judge for yourself as words cannot really paint the picture as good as some of the videos are able to.

CERN Is Creating A New Satanic Science

In this presentation we take a look at the Awake Project which is hooked up directly to the Large Hadron Collider giving it an immense power boost of nearly one thousand times its current yield. We look into the satanic side of CERN as opposed to the scientific side that they like to make themselves out to be. Once again we look at the strategic location of CERN itself and how it has everything to do with what we are seeing in way of the rituals being conducted. It is also explained how the events that are taking place are in line with Biblical reference during the end times in which I believe we are living in. Those who are not familiar with the Bible do not see this for what it is. They do not see nor do they want to even entertain the idea that there could possibly be an alternate agenda that is playing out at CERN. I urge the viewer to go into this with an open mind and let the evidence that is presented be its own guide. As its extremely hard to put aside all that is occurring within CERN and just chalk it up to scientific experimentation.

CERN Insider Exposes Demonic Portals

From the prospective of someone who knows what CERN is up to, gives us some insight into the portals and entities that are possibly entering through the experiments which are being conducted. He explains the concept of Antimatter and what impacts it can have to the human mind. Even the likes of Stephen Hawking are very concerned with the goings on at CERN. He has gone so far as to voice a stern warning as to what may happen if they continue to experiment with Antimatter. Despite any and all warnings or possible repercussions that may result from these experiments, the scientists at CERN do not seem in the least bit phased, and happily continue down this path without any concern at all of the impact all of this may have on humanity as a whole. It is this kind of Mad Scientism that can result in irreversible consequences that can and very well might effect any and all of us. What then, after all is said and done does CERN say ? I would really like to know the answer to that and many other questions that CERN seems to be dodging when it comes to potential risks associated with these experiments.