Is There Any Truth Coming From NASA ?

So what is there about this Agency that is real I wonder. It seems that the more we look into the goings on of NASA the more we find that they fake just about everything. Yes, I know there are many of you out there that totally follow NASA and think they are awesome. Hmm, well I am going to sort of burst your bubble with this segment. As I think, by the time you finish looking through the information here, if you still think NASA is or has been on the up and up, well I'm afraid there is probably nothing I can do for you.

We can start off with the supposed Moon Landing in 1969. Man what a total and outright lie that was. They have, and still are, stringing this lie along to people despite the fact that it has so many holes in it, it may as well have been filmed on cheese cloth. The supposed "One Giant Leap For Mankind" is nothing more than "One Giant Lie For Mankind", and it has been just that, right from the beginning. They did not go to the Moon, nor will they ever go to the Moon or anywhere else for that matter.

Right from the beginning of this production who do we see in photos at NASA, none other then Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick was a big fan of Arthur C. Clarke, the science-fiction legend and who inspired his work on 2001 A Space Odyssey. Right from the start it seemed NASA had the proper players in place to make their little Moon adventure into a reality, or at least on the Silver Screen.

But it does not stop there, NASA has been doing it ever since and still they are seemingly allowed to keep it up and operate with impunity. We are going to also take a look into the various Launches they have conducted as well as the Space Shuttle. Oh yes the Space Shuttle, it is suppose to be a Glider right ? Well why is it that in numerous amounts of footage we can clearly hear the sound of Jet Engines as the Shuttle is landing ? It's because the Space Shuttle is nothing more then a Jet which has been Mocked UP to look like something that goes out into space on all of these supposed scientific missions, which leads to absolutely no new discoveries of any type.

Space is the final Frontier is it ? Ok, well lets just see what NASA is doing about breaching that final frontier shall we. We are going to take an in-depth look at what they have been doing and what sort of results they have come up with over the course of nearly 4 decades since their glorious Moon Landing Hoax.

We are also going to be looking into the Mars Rover Mission and Mars Insight and why NASA is at a remote part of Canada filming the rover at the same time it is suppose to be millions of miles away on Mars. I guess they couldn't get enough of a good thing with the Moon Landing, so they just keep doing the same thing over and over again, and the public is just buying it all up and cheering them on. And as of November of 2018 we now have people cheering on The Insight Landing on Mars ??? It's absolutely incredible what you can sell to the people isn't it.

Last but not least we are going to look at the so called Planets.. I say so called because what they are actually called are Wandering Stars, and in reality there are no such thing as planets. We are going to take an up close look at these Heavenly bodies or as they are referred to in the Bible "luminaries", and you can make the determination for yourself if they are what NASA says they are or if they are what the Bible says they are. But knowing NASA's track record when it comes to telling us the truth about virtually NOTHING, I will stick to what the Bible says every time. However, this will once again be left up to you to decide for yourself.

So, I hope you enjoy our segment on exposing the lies of NASA, as I know for sure NASA won't like it.

I truly wish we had more space as I have Ton's of video's on these jokers. But due to the fact that this site is already some 50Gb in size I was only able to upload a limited amount of material. I attempted to give you some of the best material I had on the various topics. Maybe in the future I will be able to upload another segment or two dealing with these clowns.