The Flat Motionless Earth

Let us first start off with this. Question Everything, Question Authorities on this topic, Search for the Truth and it will be revealed to you. With that being said, lets start off by saying that up until a few years ago nobody could have told me that the earth was not as I was taught it was. Like most others, I would have mocked at the idea of it being anything other then what I was programmed to believe it was. Well much to my surprise when I looked into this so called conspiracy it was filled with information and experiments that proved exactly the opposite of what we have all be told.

I started looking deeper and deeper into this subject only to find that the deeper I looked the clearer this Massive Deception appeared to become, and everything started to come into perspective for me. Things I often wondered about all of a sudden were starting to make sense when I looked at everything through new eyes. What I experienced at that time is extremely hard to describe. I suppose the best way to visualize it would be to say that I began looking at this plane we live on for the very first time.

While I never bought into the notion of evolution or the big bang theory and had a hard time believing that we were hurling through so called space at break neck speeds, I just did not give it much thought and basically just accepted it at truth. As this is what we were taught, and why would anybody lie about this sort of thing.? Well there are multiple reasons for this Deception and of course the first is Money, but it goes much, much deeper than that.

When we are put out in the middle of the vastness of (so called) space and reduced to nothing more then a speck of dust, our very existence does not seem to have much meaning at all. This reduces us to nothing more then a cosmic accident and gives our life absolutely no purpose at all other then living out a menial existence until death, and that's it. So what do we have to look forward to in life.?

Working daily to Acquire Materialistic Things and Pay our Taxes to the very people who constructed this entire fabricated world we live in, thus enslaving us all and hiding the fact that this world is far different then what they would have us believe. They are essentially hiding the fact that this world in which we live was created by God and that we are Special and also at the center of the known and so called universe, with all things revolving around us.

The Bible clearly indicates that the world is Fixed and Immovable. It goes a lot further in Job chapter 38 where God describes to "Job" how He laid the Corner Stones of the earth and how He stretched a line across it (Not Around It) in order to measure it. If you have not looked at this segment in the Creation page, I urge you to do so. In any event, this world is much, much different then we are led to believe it is.

God created this plane for His creation to live on, it isn't some sort of a cosmic accident as mainstream science would have us believe. In fact when a person really looks into that rendition of the world, it makes absolutely no sense at all. It is perhaps one the most Ridiculous Theories that has ever been conceived by man, yet here we are, learning about this Deception in our Education Systems as well as having it pounded into our minds by Mainstream Science on a daily basis. Meanwhile they continue to try and take God our Creator out of every aspect of the earth's creation. Now I don't know about you, but this alone urged me to want to dig deeper into this and see for myself exactly why or exactly who is behind all of this.

What is extremely nice to see is that many people who have researched this for themselves have done something that would not seemingly be expected. They have picked up their Bible and began reading, many for the first time. We have put together a few of the many countless numbers of Testimonies of People who have seen the world Through New Eyes, and who were led to God and to Christ Jesus through finding out that this world is not what we are told it is.

Flat Earth has brought more people to God or back to God then any other movement ever has, and yet people will call it some sort of a Plot or Conspiracy, and say that those who believe in anything other then what we are taught through science are crazy. But yet, there are many who have come to Christ Jesus and to our Heavenly Father because of discovering Flat Earth. So I ask you, how can this be wrong when it is having such a profound and positive impact on peoples lives.? I would urge all of you to listen to a few of the testimonies we have provided and see for yourself the impact it has had on people.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 - Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

UPDATE 1-31-19

I felt it important to give you folks an update on what Google and Youtube are currently doing and I'm sure very soon all other platforms will follow suit.

It would seem that Google and Youtube have come right out and said that they are going to CENSOR any and all video's and search strings having to do with The Flat Earth.? It would appear that this topic is just way to Controversial for them to handle, as is the rapid growth of The Flat Earth Movement. Simply put, they are in full out Panic Mode and don't know what to do in order to try and stop it... Well I'm afraid there is nothing they can do. People are awake and once you are awake, there is no going back to sleep.

What they are failing to understand is that now that they have openly admitted to doing this, people are going to start asking the question, if there is nothing to the Flat Earth, then WHY are these platforms CENSORING these people.??? Which in turn, is going to get more people Thinking and Looking into Flat Earth, which is great for the Flat Earth Community, but I'm afraid it is NOT SO GOOD for Google and Youtube. Absolutely NO Critical Thinking went into making this decision at all, as this has to be about the stupidest thing they could have ever done. Anyway, I just wanted to let you good folks know what these clowns are up to.

And Always Remember - Truth Does Not Fear Investigation......