The Matrix Revealed







The End Times System of Things.

So within this text I am going to attempt to introduce the key players in this whole dark and evil conspiracy, and who have essentially set the stage for the end times. These people cannot see past their own selfish interests long enough to understand that what they are attempting to do will inevitably lead to their own demise. They are led by none other than lucifer himself, and by now you should understand that this evil entity hates all of humanity with a passion, Period. All the promises that have been given to these puppets are all lies that are unable to be fulfilled by this Master of Deception and Father of all Lies.

To begin with we are going to look at a Secret Society call the Illuminati. This society has been virtually trying to take over everything since 1776. On the night of May 1, 1776, the first Illuminati met to found the order in a forest near Ingolstadt. Bathed in torchlight, there were five men. There they established the rules that were to govern the order. All future candidates for admission required the members' consent, a strong reputation with well-established familial and social connections, and of course wealth.

In the beginning, the order's membership had three levels: novices, minervals, and illuminated minervals. "Minerval" referred to the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerval, reflecting the order's aim to spread true knowledge, or illumination, about how society, and the state, might be reshaped. Membership expanded to included noblemen, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and jurists, as well as intellectuals and some leading writers, including Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. By the end of 1784, the Illuminati had 2,000 to 3,000 members. However, there are branches of the Freemasons which are part and parcel with this Society.

So who are the Freemasons and how do they fit into all of this.? Simply put, it's the world's oldest and largest fraternity. Its membership is a Who's Who of world history -- George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Gerald Ford among a host of other influential people were Freemasons. The Freemasons have literally infiltrated almost every aspect of government, religions, the school systems, and virtually all media outlets and so on throughout the world. By doing this, they stunningly enough have gained nearly total control of what we see, hear and are taught. Keep in mind, while they are only a cog in a much bigger wheel they are a vital part of what we now refer to as the coming New World Order.

As mentioned above, these people are on a mission. Not stopping to think what it will all inevitably lead to. In their eyes, it is nothing more than total world domination, where there are a few at the top and we are basically a slave class who feed their lavish life styles, and nothing more. When I personally talk about this to people they are seemingly in disbelief as to this actually happening, but when we look at all the events in the world today we can clearly see this is leading to this exact agenda.

We must keep in mind that this agenda was put in place a great many years ago, and these people are extremely patient. They do not make sudden changes that would alert the public, but never the less are moving forward. Lately it would appear that they are no longer hiding and have basically come straight out and are openly telling us that they are proceeding with this agenda.

Do we see the public reacting in any negative way to this.??? I personally don't see it. But here again, most of the public is so entirely dumbed down that it would take missiles flying over their heads in order to get their eyes off of their cell phones long enough to realize what is actually happening. But this is not a surprise to me, as this is all by design. They DO NOT want a society that is awake, as this would cause problems for their agenda. Keeping people passive and uninformed is all part of this elaborate plan to totally dominate the world. And, well... By the looks of things they are not going to have a hard time doing just that, when you look at how the vast majority of society is in this day and age.

We are going to end this project off with something that I think everyone should look at and that is; is the Bible True.? I think it is of the utmost importance that we understand how accurate the Bible is, not only in past events but also in prophecy. And with this in mind we are also going to look at the Book of Revelation, which is a fitting end to all of this I would think. I have found a fantastic version of this book which is a video of the entire book and which is put together extremely well. I would urge each and all of you to view it, as most do not know the message within this final book of the bible and do not understand what is coming. It is imperative that we understand the book of Revelation and what is coming onto the earth if there is any chance for us to be able to withstand it. As is mentioned, never has the earth seen a time like this since it's beginning and never will a time like this be seen again. So please take the time to view it and take it seriously as The Bible is the True Word of our heavenly Father and all that is written will come to pass without exception.