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The Genesis Creation

While some, (namely scientists) would have us believe that creation is just a Myth because it just does not fit in with their scientific and Darwinian theories of evolution. There are millions of us who know full well that creation is indeed the only way this plane of existence could have ever come to be. As if we just stop for a moment and look around, we can clearly see that creation is in fact undeniable. They would have us believe that by some happenstance, an unknown singularity no bigger than a pinhead exploded, and over the course of billions of years evolved into the universe and the earth that they show us today. This is in fact based on nothing more than theoretical and/or pseudoscience, which has no supported facts leading to these conclusions. They come up with these astronomical numbers and distances to try and mold their theories into some sort of belief system that supports this totally flawed approach to evolutionary creation.

It would be much easier to just stand back and look around. Trust your God given senses as to what we see and how it is all so perfectly formed, and without flaw. Yahuah (God) Created this plane we live on for us, and He did it in six (6) literal days. Not only does the Bible corroborate these awesome events that lead up to this absolutely wonderful world we live on, it also gives an extremely detailed account of the manner in which it was created. Laying waste to the heliocentric (globe model) and evolutionary theories. Why do I say this ? Well, it wasn't until the 4th day of creation that the sun and moon were created. So if the globe theory is in any way correct (which it isn't) what then I ask you was the earth doing for the first 3 days ? Was it just floating around and then it seen the sun on the 4th day and thought hey, I think I will just latch on to that object over there and start spinning around it for awhile, and meanwhile the moon thought what ? Hey, Wait for me !!! I'm going to latch on to this world over here and go along for the ride ?

I wonder if any one of you can stop and think about how stupid this whole thing sounds. When we stop long enough to look at what science is proclaiming, we find that it is absolutely ridiculous to even consider such a far fetched concept. Yet billions of people not only hold this theory close, but will blindly follow and defend it. Some go so far as to get absolutely hostile if someone tries to show them that the heliocentric (Globe) theory is flawed at it's very core.

There is undeniable evidence all over that points to a Divine Creator. Gods Fingerprints are everywhere, but this has been hidden from us, and is not even so much as shown or taught in grade schools or even as high as university levels of education for that matter. They go through immeasurable lengths to cover this up and in essence to cover up the existence of God.

Why would they do such a thing ???

When Job felt that he knew so much and was arrogant about it and did not repent his wrongs Yahuah (God) came down to Job in a whirlwind (twister) and made Job stand before Him and God questioned Job. Here Yahuah makes His creation quite clear when He asks Job where were you when I did all of these things ? Creation is explained quite clearly by our Father Himself. There is no mistaking how God describes this world in which we live my friends, it perfectly describes what we see on a daily basis and does not conform to what we are told by science in any way. But this is only one aspect of this elaborate misconception. There is a lot more that science has lied to us about in their bid to hide God.

What about our Moon ? If you listen to mainstream media and mainstream science they will tell you that it is a rock that reflects the suns light and that NASA has been there back in 1969 with the help of a computer that wasn't much smarter than a calculator. But hey, who are we to question that right ? WRONG.!!!

There are people who have woken up to this utter lie and who have shown various aspects of the Moon that totally defies what we are told by science and instead paints a much different picture than what we are told, as you will see in the section on our Moon.

Which leads us into the creation of the Firmament. The Firmament is the protective cover or Dome above the earth. Agencies such as NASA and many others know full well that we are in an enclosed system with a Dome above us, and for this reason we are not able to leave the earth. While we briefly hit on this topic here in this segment, it is covered in much greater detail in the segment on NASA. I will however say this, they have devised an alternative to calling it a Dome or Firmament and instead call it the Van Allen Radiation Belt.

So you see, once again instead of just giving the credit to Yahuah for His creation, they put some elaborate name to what the Bible clearly explains as the firmament, and yet again try to cover up Gods existence and creation itself. It's really quite irritating to watch these organizations go through such immeasurable means to hide our Creator and His creation. And (to me) what is a great deal more irritating is that people blindly follow these organizations without questioning them or doing any type of research to see if what they are being told even remotely resembles the truth.